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1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory

China Henan Jinzhen Boiler Co., Ltd. certification
China Henan Jinzhen Boiler Co., Ltd. certification
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1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory

1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory
1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory 1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory 1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory 1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jinzhen Boiler
Certification: IS0900
Model Number: DZH2-1.0

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Steam Boiler in nude package, but covered with water-proof covering, accessories in plywood case
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 80 set per month
Detailed Product Description
Steam Capacity: 2 Ton/h, 2000kg/h Pressure: 1.0/1.25mpa
Steam Temperatur: 184/194C Material: Q245R Steel Plate
Type: Natural Circulation Usage: Industrial
Structure: Fire Tube Style: Horizontal
Thermal Efficiency: 80% Output: Steam
Suitable Fuel: Wood, Biomass, Coal Fuel Consumption: 300kg
Feed Water Temperature: 20C Effective Area Of Grate: 3.36m2
Weight: 12t Size: 4.1x 2.2x 2.9
Warranty: 2 Year
High Light:

wood pellet boiler


wood burning steam boiler


1 - 5 Ton Output Coal / Wood / Biomass Fired Steam Boiler For Garment Industry


General introduction

Biomass steam boiler is a horizontal three-pass water and fire tube hybrid steam boiler. A bunch of threaded smoke pipes are arranged in the drum. The left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with light pipe water-cooled walls. Light chain grate is used to realize mechanical coal feeding It is equipped with blowers and induced draft fans for mechanical ventilation, and is equipped with a scraper type slagging machine to realize automatic slag discharge. The front and rear arches of this series of steam boilers adopt new energy-saving technology arches. The fuel falls from the coal scuttle to the grate and enters the furnace. After burning, the flame refracts upward through the back arch and passes through the burning chambers on both sides of the body to turn to the front smoke box, and then fold back from the front smoke box to the tube bundle in the pot, enter the economizer through the rear smoke box, and then be drawn through by the induced draft fan. The flue to the chimney is exhausted to the atmosphere.

1. Single cylinder, fire tube (Spirally corrugated tube) and water tube.

2. Packaged style

3. Fuel can be wood,firewood, logs,waste.etc.

4. Hand fired type.

5. Capacity 1Ton-6Ton/HR

6. Design pressure:1.0Mpa(10bar),1.25Mpa(13bar),1.6Mpa(16bar)

7. Stem temperature:184C,194C,204C

8. Equipped with full set auxiliaries, after simple installation, the boiler can operate.


Performance characteristics:

1. The biomass fired boiler is a horizontal fast-installed steam boiler with natural circulation of working fluid. The steam boiler heat exchange system consists of a drum, left and right headers, and water walls. The main heating surface has a water wall in the furnace, and part of the drum and the drum have convection. Tube bundle. This series of steam boilers are composed of five parts when they leave the factory: the main body of the boiler, the flue duct, the dust collector, and the piping system. The first four parts have been manufactured in the factory and can be transported to the installation site for assembly, which can be greatly shortened Installation cycle, and can guarantee the quality of product installation.

2. High-quality boiler design performance: The main heating surface of the steam boiler is made of seamless steel pipes for 20# low and medium pressure boilers, and the drum is made of special steel plates for the boiler. The left and right headers are made of seamless steel pipes.

3. The steam boiler arch is made of refractory concrete. The back arch is low and long, so it burns well. The two-wing flue and side wall bricks are made of refractory sintered bricks. The front and back walls of the boiler are made of general-purpose refractory bricks.

4. The wood steam boiler grate has reasonable air distribution, large combustion chamber, and strong applicability of coal types. It is suitable for all kinds of bituminous coal, anthracite, and mixed coal. It burns fully. Because the high-temperature flue gas enters the settling chamber, it enters the two-wing flue from both sides, The front smoke box, so the smoke and dust removal effect is good.

5. The water cycle is simple, and the structure of the pressurized parts is reasonable, and it is completely safe to operate under the condition of ensuring water quality.

6. The boiler combustion equipment is a quick-installed grate. The combustion equipment is manufactured and installed in the factory and can be directly installed on the foundation after being transported to the construction site. It has a reasonable and compact structure and low steel consumption, which makes the performance, weight and structure of the boiler Compared with domestic boilers of the same capacity, the size has obvious advantages.

Technical Parameter

Rated evaporation
capacity (t/h)
0.5 1 2 4
0.7/1.0 0.7/1.0/1.25 0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6
Rated steam
170/184 170/184/194 170/184/194/204 194/204
Feed water
20 20 20 20
Effective area of
1.28 2.1 3.36 5.2
Fuel consumption
76 150 301 602
Exhaust flue gas
165 165 165 165
Thermal Efficiency
80 80 80 80
Size(m) 3.2x 2.0x 2.6 4.1x 2.2x 2.9 4.7x 2.3x 3.2 5.6x 2.5x 3.5
Weight (t) 8 12 15 22

This wood steam boiler has high automation level, automatic adjustment of boiler feed water, high and low water level alarm, low water level interlock protection, and interlocking protection of lead and blower. Auxiliary auxiliary equipment is complete.

Steam Boiler Maintenance and Repair

The control system can monitor the current working conditions of the steam boiler in real time, and perform real-time and comprehensive intelligent fault identification and processing. The control system can diagnose and deal with the following faults in real time:

Protection for extremely high steam pressure: When the steam in the pot is overpressured, the control system will immediately enter the interlock, sound and light alarms, and the screen will display; the steam pressure is extremely high. After the fault is eliminated, press the reset button to release the interlock.

Water shortage protection in the boiler: When the boiler has an extremely low water level failure due to a water pump failure or other reasons, the control system immediately turns off the power supply of the induced draft fan, enters the interlock, and alarms with sound and light, and the screen shows that the water level is extremely low. After the fault is eliminated, press the reset button to release the interlock.

The boiler water level is too high: when the water level in the boiler is higher than the upper limit warning water level, an audible and visual alarm will be given. Prompt that the water level in the pot is too high, and the display prompts to drain. After the fault is eliminated, it will automatically recover, stop the pump without stopping the furnace.

Water pump motor overload: When the water pump motor is overcurrent, the thermal relay action will cut off the power supply of the water pump motor and stop the water pump, which is realized by hardware.

Power failure: When a power failure occurs, the control system immediately shuts down all equipment power supplies in the cabinet where the power failure occurs. When the power supply is restored, the cabinet is automatically in the off-duty state, and it needs to be restarted to work and start all equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment.

1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory 0

Application of biomass fired steam boiler

DZH series fixed grate biomass steam boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, large supermarkets, garment factories, dyeing factory, hotel, dining room, restaurant, food factory, beverage factory, soy products, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packaging plant, building materials factory, paint factory, swimming pool and other places of the enterprises and institutions.

1 - 5 Ton Output Wood Steam Boiler For Garment Industry , Textile Factory 1

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